Being Green at Bath Time – Eco Friendly Beauty Tips

There are some areas in life where few people consider being green. And pampering yourself at bath time is one of those times. Many people enjoy scented soaps, candles and a good soak in the bath. But reverting to greener beauty and bath products does not necessarily mean that you will be feeling any less pampered.

While we all know that because of the amount of water used baths are not as eco friendly as showers. However, an occasional bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures but there is much you can do to still remain green and enjoy a good soak.

Bath Salts

Some bath salts are not from sustainable sources and are laced with chemicals but eco friendly and sustainable bath salts are available. Often, these green bath salts are part of a gift box containing other bath and beauty products.

Scented Soaps

Many shop bought salts contain a myriad of chemicals to produce their lather and smells but naturally produced soaps that contain just plant extracts, not only smell just as nice but they lather just as well and can leave your skin feeling less dry and chapped than some chemical soaps do.

Scented Candles

Candles are another bath time pleasure but these too are often manufactured from chemicals and animal fats. Soya candles are far more sustainable and eco friendly as only natural products are included in their manufacture. The scent from these candles is just as relaxing though and many people in fact prefer soya candles.

Other Eco Beauty Products

A whole host of other beauty products from moisturisers to skin cleansers are available that are completely eco friendly and natural. Often the natural ingredients in these products are far less damaging to your skin and can leave it feeling far softer than some of the harsh chemicals used in modern body lotions and moisturisers.

Green gift boxes are a great way of introducing yourself to eco friendly bath and beauty products. These are often themed and can contain everything you need to pamper yourself in the bath.

Quit Your Smoking Addiction With Thought Field Therapy

Over the past several years, it’s becoming more and more established that smoking is a major health concern. Scientific studies continue to pour out showing the negative consequences of smoking cigarettes. We know that if someone is a smoker they are more likely to develop lung cancer, emphysema, and will have a shorter life span than those who do not smoke. Now that the problems associated with smoking is common knowledge there are a lot of people who want to quit. Along with that comes a whole host of products designed to help you quit. You have gum, patches, and even pharmaceutical drugs to try to help you end the addiction. If you’re like many other people reading this article who have tried to quit you know that many of these products are ineffective, either initially or over the long term. They may bring the desired results in the beginning, but after a period of time those benefits fade away or other side effects arise making the product to help you quit useless.

If you’re one of those persons who have given up on trying to quit, you are reading the right article at the right time. There are techniques and therapies that make quitting smoking relatively quick and painless and with no negative side effects.

Psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan has developed a therapy for physiological and emotional issues called Thought Field Therapy. This therapy resembles acupuncture but uses a tapping of the fingers in place of the tiny needles used in acupuncture. This therapy has a high success rate with any type of addiction and specifically with helping people to quit smoking.

To give you a quick understanding of how it works. Just like you have a skeletal system of all of your bones and a circulatory system that your blood flows through, you have an energy system of meridians that flow through your body and are associated with different regions of the body. Against the perception of most, emotions and psychological issues are not stored in the brain but rather they are stored in the body. The emotions associated with the addiction of smoking are stored in corresponding areas of the body. During a Thought Field Therapy session, we go in and remove the blockage in the meridian that is holding the emotions which cause the urge, addiction, and anxiety to smoke.

There is a major connection between any type of addiction and anxiety. Many times the connection is out of your conscious awareness but you are doing the addiction to mask and cope with anxiety. So along with treating the addiction we will reduce and in most cases eliminate the anxiety that causes you to reach for the cigarette.

Don’t worry that you’ll have to fight the strong and overwhelming cravings either. Thought Field Therapy treatments actually reduces and eliminates that urge to smoke so you don’t have to have strong will power in order to conquer this addiction in your life.

Pornography Addiction Help

Pornography addiction is when a person engages in the overuse of pornography in a manner that will experience negative consequences. All addictions are characterized by failure to contradictions and are considered to be a process where a behavior that functions both to produce pleasure and to provide escape from internal discomfort. Pornography addiction is employed in the pattern characterized by failure to control the behavior and continuation of the behavior regardless of the negative consequences. Pornography addiction is defined as a dependence on pornography by obsessive viewing, reading, and thinking about pornography and sexual themes to the detriment of other areas of life.

Psychologists and sex therapists state that addicts have pornography addiction because of how the brain is wired. For example, some addicts will begin by seeing soft-core pornography and that later they will view hard-core pornography and violent pornography. Supporters of the addiction model argue that exposure to kinky sexual practices by pornography lead the watchers to cross-over. Critics of this theory about the science of addiction disagree with the conclusion, pointing to the lack of scientific evidences.

Psychologists who see pornography as being addictive because of how the brain is wired, consider online pornography to be more addictive than ordinary pornography because it is widely available, explicit in nature, and the privacy that online viewing offers. Claims are that addicts will regularly spend extended periods of time searching the internet for new or increasingly hardcore pornography.

There are four core beliefs regarding the science of addiction in the manner of how the addict’s brain is wired. These beliefs are as follows: I am basically a bad, unworthy person, no one will love me as I am, my needs are never going to be met if I have to depend on others, and sex is my most important need. The root of sex addiction usually begins in childhood where a child’s exploration of sexuality goes beyond discovery to routine self-comforting because of the lack of human care. Sex will become the substitution for care and nurturing. Sex addicts will usually have grown up in a dysfunctional family, especially one with rigid rules, little warmth and affirmation, abandonment, and sexual or emotional abuse. For example a young person at thirteen who is lonely and abused will find comfort in masturbation and pornography. More and more the child will find solace in masturbation. Then, as years go by, it can involve promiscuity, affairs, visiting massage parlors or prostitutes, and even viewing child pornography.

The treatment recommended for pornography addiction will include therapy, support groups, education and medication when needed for co-occurring anxiety or depression.

Identifying the Signs of Pornography Addiction

? You spend hours in front of the computer searching for porn every day.

? You have lost interest in your family and friends and other relationships in order to be watching porn.

? You spend hundreds of dollars paying for membership at various porn sites or pay strangers to have sex and perform for you.

? You have marks on your genitals left from rigorous masturbation.

? You can’t think straight until you have masturbated.

? You suffer from chronic depression and mood swings.

Aries and Cancer – Is This a Dynamic Match Or One Made For Inevitable Conflict?

How To Get Along – Aries and Cancer: Astro-Magnetism First then Astro-Compatibility

The Ram and The Moonchild

This series on Astro-Compatibility will cover all of the potential match-ups in the Zodiac. We will continue this series thinking about and commenting on Aries and Cancer.

Aries – Cancer

Cancer’s romantic aspect is based in domesticity and Aries is not necessarily thinking about the home when it is checking out availabilities.. These signs are both “Cardinal”, which means they share an Action Oriented approach to what they do. However, Aries is Fire and Cancer is Water. So Cancer’s actions and they are definitely action-based people, are thoughtful and conscious and based in the slow approach rooted in hearth and home. Aries’ Fire and Aries’ Cardinality means Aries is action times two.

The Aries in pursuit of the Cancer sets up a “not so fast, guy” picture. It’s not that a Cancer would be shy, but there is too much inner steel to be thought of as “easy”. But the Cancer and the Aries can create a kindled fire. The Cancer not shy, necessarily, but a little more consciously hesitant, might find the more fiery and outgoing Aries very appealing. Aries can start the conversation and Cancer can finish with a well-considered Cancerian clever rejoinder. This is a good potential for compatibility.

Positive Postulate:
Since Aries and Cancer share “cardinality”, there is a basic match up here. This is especially important with cardinal signs because they “charge first and ask questions later”. The two of them could create a dynamic family together. Positively speaking, these signs could be a public and dynamic pair. Regardless of how the genders work, it seems a pairing that could be serious. Cancer would consider slowly, Aries would act when they agreed, and then Cancer could support. Aries intelligence and brightness would be appreciated by Cancer.

Romance Recommendation:
Aries and Cancer would have a very high romance factor, as long as Cancer would not slip into a depressive mood state and Aries would not lose its sharp temper. Offending and being offended could be a romance dampener.

Conflict Quotient:
Aries and Cancers have tempers! Aries starts it and Cancer finishes it. Whoa. Watch out. They will definitely have many discussions – long discussions. You see Cancer, regardless of gender will not be intimidated and Aries moves forward with its issues on its lips. This is not a death sentence. It just means they will have to reconcile and work things out. The benefit here is that there will not be too many unspoken, unexpressed problems.

Peace Parlay:
Life in the end is repetitive and mundane, and so is Romance itself. This factor asks the question: “Can we be bored together over the long term?” Cancer and Aries might not be able to stand boredom, but as they get older, they might need it. Cancer “blues” should be watched for here. Aries may over estimate its rightness and become wearing.

Keep Up The Interest Graph:
Cancer and Aries are a good “keep up the interest” signs, but Aries should stop looking over the fence and flirting at picnics. Cancer is not likely to ruin this relationship, unless they become profoundly hurt or disappointed. Aries may forget how fortunate it is, until something shakes them up.

Seven Year Itchiness:
There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns, as time goes on. Others are not. There are Cardinal signs on both sides here. That means action could be taken by either during the 7 year itch time. Cancer is more likely to think about it and imagine it, much more than Aries. Aries could stumble into it, not knowing that its subconscious might be overly engaged in the prospect of infidelity.

ASTRO-COMPATIBILITY POSSIBILITY RATING: 80% Positive Long Term – 50% Short Term. This has a better chance the older the relationship gets. Cancer should watch the weight. Aries should care less about losing its youth. The newer this relationship is, the more possibility that it might not work. But once they get going, these two cardinals could keep going on sheer momentum.