Being Green at Bath Time – Eco Friendly Beauty Tips

There are some areas in life where few people consider being green. And pampering yourself at bath time is one of those times. Many people enjoy scented soaps, candles and a good soak in the bath. But reverting to greener beauty and bath products does not necessarily mean that you will be feeling any less pampered.

While we all know that because of the amount of water used baths are not as eco friendly as showers. However, an occasional bath is one of life’s greatest pleasures but there is much you can do to still remain green and enjoy a good soak.

Bath Salts

Some bath salts are not from sustainable sources and are laced with chemicals but eco friendly and sustainable bath salts are available. Often, these green bath salts are part of a gift box containing other bath and beauty products.

Scented Soaps

Many shop bought salts contain a myriad of chemicals to produce their lather and smells but naturally produced soaps that contain just plant extracts, not only smell just as nice but they lather just as well and can leave your skin feeling less dry and chapped than some chemical soaps do.

Scented Candles

Candles are another bath time pleasure but these too are often manufactured from chemicals and animal fats. Soya candles are far more sustainable and eco friendly as only natural products are included in their manufacture. The scent from these candles is just as relaxing though and many people in fact prefer soya candles.

Other Eco Beauty Products

A whole host of other beauty products from moisturisers to skin cleansers are available that are completely eco friendly and natural. Often the natural ingredients in these products are far less damaging to your skin and can leave it feeling far softer than some of the harsh chemicals used in modern body lotions and moisturisers.

Green gift boxes are a great way of introducing yourself to eco friendly bath and beauty products. These are often themed and can contain everything you need to pamper yourself in the bath.

Visiting the Beauty Spa

These days, gals- and guys- are flocking to beauty spas in unheard of numbers for pampering treatments. It seems that the growing consciousness of the importance or relaxation as well as the growing preference for all things “natural” has led this boom, and new spas as well as the novel treatments to go with them have been coming up like mushrooms in many parts of the United States as well as worldwide. More and more people are turning to massage and beautician work in terms of a career, and this means that spa goers can look forward to a very wide and diverse range of treatments that make use of and blend together therapies and beauty spa treatments from a smorgasbord of healing traditions.

So what exactly takes place in a beauty salon spa? A lot of the same things you will find in a beauty salon or massage clinic, and then some, it turns out. Spa and beauty treatments often make use of techniques that aim to make the client both look and feel better, as in ginger body rubs from Ayurveda which detoxify as well as soften skin. Then there’s massage, which when done in conjunction with special oils can rejuvenate, circulate lymph, as well as leave skin feeling smooth and supple. Spa massages are usually gentle and flowing, focusing mainly on relaxation.

It’s important to talk about skin, because so many treatments in any given beauty day spa target the skin, whether it’s to lessen wrinkles, remove dead skin, or moisturize it. For this, a mind-boggling large array of beauty spa products are used. As a general principle, it’s better to stay with natural products that are usually (but not always) more gentle for the skin. It’s almost always best to stay away from treatments like botox which employ toxins or man-made chemicals to get a desired result. There are often serious complications associated with such procedures.