Take Care of Cavities for Less: How to Save on Dental Care

Individuals that do not have dental insurance are aware of the rising cost of healthcare. They can tell their friends exactly how much it is going to cost for a filling or to have a tooth pulled. These are the same people that avoid going to the dentist because they cannot afford it.

It does not have to be that way. There are plenty of options available for individuals that do not have insurance. Instead of avoiding the dentist, check out these options to make care more affordable.


Dental plans remain a popular option for individuals and families that do not have insurance. These plans work similar to insurance. People on a dental plan get a list of providers that they can go see, and then they receive care at a discounted cost. It is like having a coupon for coverage.

Most of these have specific providers that they work with, just like insurance does. These providers will take the membership card, apply the savings, and then send the patient the bill for the rest, just like with insurance.


Speaking of coupons, this is another great way to save money. Coupons are not just for the grocery store anymore. Now, dentists often offer their own coupons. This may be a free exam or x-rays. It could also mean getting certain procedures at a discounted cost.

Some businesses advertise coupons or promotions on commercials, some of them have coupons that customers can print offline, and others will offer them when they come in. To find out, patients usually call the business and ask about the price of a procedure.

Opt for Cheaper Services

Sometimes, it may be cheaper to get an alternative service. For example, instead of having a filling to fix a cavity, it can be cheaper to get the tooth pulled. Schedule a consultation with a dentist to see which options are available, and then opt for the cheaper service.

Taking the time to learn about which services offer greater savings through certain dental plans can also help save money. Some dental plans may offer greater savings for fillings versus having a tooth pulled, making it cheaper to get a tooth filled. Other plans may offer savings for more expensive procedures, but not offer savings for cheaper services, such as fillings.

Look at the dental plan, coupons, etc. and speak with a dentist to determine which procedure will be cheaper to save money on the next dentist visit.

Preventative Care

Most individuals don’t think about preventative care until it is too late, but it might not be too late for all of the teeth. If one tooth has a cavity, it may be a sign of a vitamin deficiency, or even gum disease.

Instead of focusing on fixing the current problem, individuals should speak with a dentist about the causes of cavities, and how to prevent them in the future. This is the easiest way to save money on the next trip to the dentist.

Shop Around

Different providers charge different amounts. Most individuals do not realize this until they do not have insurance and visit more than one dentist. The savings may only be a few dollars, but it could also mean saving a few hundred dollars.

Call different dentists and ask them how much a certain procedure would cost to save more money.

Not being able to afford care that is desperately needed can make life miserable. People will not be able to enjoy the foods they love, and children can suffer developmental delays. Instead of dealing with the pain, use these tips to get cavities taken care of at the lowest price possible.